All parents feel a sense of responsibility to help their children plan for their future and make the most of their opportunities. But for families caring for a child who is vulnerable, planning is much more critical. Often very little happens without intention and planning.

The P4P Planning Network was developed to help families build their capacity to plan effectively. Our resources support parents and caregivers with a variety of planning objectives and tools:

  • Transition Planning throughout the school years

  • Person Directed Planning for a meaningful adult life

  • Financial and estate planning to safeguard your loved one’s financial future and ensure choices are respected

  • Planning a warm, suitable and safe home

  • Social planning so that your loved one has people in their life who genuinely know       and care for them

Our purpose is to provide resources and information that will help you ensure your loved one is safe, engaged, respected and financially secure—from childhood into adulthood and for the rest of his or her life.