a SPECIAL LIVE EVENT on Thursday April 19th, 2018 IN TORONTO!


Building on the success of last year's "TED Talk inspired" Art of Belonging event, we are super excited to present our second annual P4P live event! We've invited a group of diverse, passionate speakers to share their thoughts and personal stories related to the theme of resiliency.

Resilience is certainly something we all need and can benefit from - and when we think of the individuals, families, allies and advocates who strive to create good lives and inclusive communities for all people, they are nothing if not resilient. In other words, they have oodles of ...

stamina   grit   pluck  flexibility   guts   finesse   courage   savvy  fortitude   drive   creativity  resourcefulness   bravery  competence   skill  gumption  substance  brawn  capacity   backbone   moxie   persistence   humour   ingenuity  resolve  tenacity   constancy  adaptability  optimism  determination  ability  stick-to-itiveness ... and the list goes on!


ART OF RESILIENCE event will be held at the Crow's Theatre. The evening will conclude with an on-site reception and live music, complimentary snacks and one cocktail/beverage, and a cash bar.

TIME:  7:00 P.M. TO 8:30 P.M. reception to follow
PLACE: Crow's Theatre, 345 Carlaw Avenue Toronto, Ontario M4M 2T1
COST:  $20.00


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Ted Kuntz: Host
As event host, Ted has thoroughly enjoyed connecting with each of our remarkable speakers to bring to life their unique messages about the power of resilience to help us bounce back and move forward in life. Ted is a psychotherapist, author, activist and father. Much of Ted’s wisdom arose from parenting his son Joshua, who taught Ted how to take advantage of the many gifts and opportunities life has to offer. Ted’s website is



Janice Bartley  "PUSH (Push Until Something Happens)”
Janice Bartley is a woman whose life has been driven by the word “No”. When told she can't do something, she does it anyway. When presented with an opportunity, she will never say no. Janice Bartley lives resilience every minute of every day.  Janice is a graduate of the The MothSHOP Community Education Program and speaker for the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State.



Valerie Tih  "Life After The Big Surrender"
Some people get to live comfortable and predictable lives. Not Valerie Tih. Through an incredible journey of change, challenges, and eventually surrender, Valerie acquired incredible strength and wisdom. Her journey to transform grit into gifts enables Valerie to live a life filled with gratitude and meaning. Valerie has over 20 years experience as a speaker, presenter and facilitator of spiritual retreats and educational workshops; she teaches Junior Kindergarten and is a Parent Coach for families seeking to create peaceful homes. Valerie is an active advocate in the Down syndrome community. Valerie’s website is



Helen Ries and Paul Knoll  "Gifts, Gratitudes, and Growth"
When their parents passed away, the life Helen and her brother Paul once knew changed suddenly. Through trials and tribulations, and also honest self-reflection and a deep commitment to one another, Helen and Paul found a way to support each other. Paul is recently retired from the Government of Canada; Helen is a consultant, co-leader of a national siblings movement, and is a strong advocate for and has successfully impacted policy change in Ontario. Helen’s website is To join or learn more about the national sibling movement, email



Jerome Bouvier  "The Three Hour Decision”
When Jerome Bouvier crashed into rocks while water skiing, his life changed forever. A severed spinal cord forced Jerome to make a decision. With determination, reflection and gratitude, Jerome transformed his accident into a gift that has guided him to realizing the power of the human spirit. Jerome is executive director of an award-winning not-for-profit ACCESS Youth Outreach Services, author, activist, public speaker, facilitator, race horse trainer and husband. Jerome’s website is and his book is entitled UNBREAKABLE: The Power of the Human Spirit.



Paul Robitaille  “How Can I Help?”
Paul Robitaille was trained in the natural sciences. However, after experiencing the transformative power of the Métis community, Paul re-directed his energies toward examining how communities can transform individuals, and individuals can transform communities. The wisdom Paul acquired from nature is that we all co-exist and impact one another. Paul is a member of the Métis Nation of Ontario, and has a profound belief in the power of community building - a belief fueled by his experiences working with Métis, Inuit and First Nation Youth from across Canada.