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P4p independent facilitation team


Susan Beayni, Independent Facilitation Mentor

Susan has been a leader and advocate in the disability movement for over 25 years. Since co-founding Plan Toronto (now Partners for Planning in 2009 Susan has assisted individuals who are vulnerable and their families in developing support networks and planning for a meaningful life now and into the future. She also had a wide range of experience consulting with families with a child with a disability while working with Bloorview Children’s Centre. Susan holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto. Susan is the mother of a 29-year old Rebecca, who has had a support circle for almost 20 years has had person directed planning sessions a number of times throughout her life. Susan is a regular contributor on a number of P4P webcasts and can be seen in a number of the video presentations found on Partners for Planning Resource Network.


Hiba Qutub, Lead Independent Facilitator

Hiba is an independent facilitator who has been working for 9 years with families in different capacities. Hiba is trained as a Physiotherapist and worked in pediatric clinics for many years. She has also worked with projects that aim at international development and capacity building. Hiba is very passionate about community building and having equal opportunities for everyone in society.


David Ocean, Lead Independent Facilitator

David, is an independent facilitator who has been working in the community as a program facilitator, advocate and educator for over 15 years.  David’s most recent work has focused on community engagement, social justice and advocating through an anti-oppressive framework.  David is passionate about facilitating opportunities of growth, challenge and new experiences towards a focus person’s goals that encourage not only them to live their best lives, but also their families.



Miranda is a community development worker with a background in the humanitarian and non-profit sector.  With a focus on facilitation, outreach and advocacy, she has enjoyed working and volunteering in various capacities both locally and internationally, particularly within marginalized communities.  Committed to social justice and grassroots change through community participation and inclusivity, she values the well-known quote ‘think globally, act locally’.  She appreciates the connection between her passion for working with people and her love for travel and adventure, photography, writing, cooking and music, and often marvels at the ironic overlap these aspects have in both her professional and personal life.  Miranda is excited to be a part of the P4P team and looks forward to assisting others in realizing and achieving their own dreams and goals for the future. 


Pamela McKane, Independent Facilitator

Pamela has worked in a non-profit housing provider for women with mental health issues, as well as with refugees and women who have experienced abuse as a shelter worker. She has also been involved with community-based research related to homelessness and mental health in London, Ontario. She has graduate degrees in political science and gender studies. Pamela is part of the circle for a cousin and is passionate about the ways in which independent facilitation contributes to the lives of individuals and community development.


Subeer Bhandari, Independent Facilitator

Subeer has over 11 years of experience working with individuals and families with differing abilities. He has completed a Masters in Social Work focusing on Individuals, Families and Groups from Wilfrid Laurier University. Most recently, he has worked directly with children and youth with autism and their families in Waterloo Region and area. He has held various roles towards supporting individuals with differing abilities and families and brings his experience to Partners for Planning with a great deal of enthusiasm. Subeer welcomes the opportunity to make a difference in our community and contribute towards full and active participation of the individuals and families we support.


Juulia Lindau, Independent Facilitator

Juulia came to Independent Facilitation as a natural progression through her life and as a mother and advocate of a person who is labeled with a disability.  She draws on life experience and core value modeling from her own upbringing.  Juulia is passionate about inclusion, the importance of community, and how building capacity and informed choice empower individuals. Prior to joining Partners for Planning, Juulia worked in the education system advocating for and supporting students to be included in non-segregated classrooms in their school communities.



Keren has been working with individuals with an Intellectual Disability for the past twenty years in a variety of different roles and settings.  These include being a respite worker, counsellor in an overnight-sleepover camp, group homes and, for just under eleven years, as a Case Manager at York Support Services Network supporting this population in navigating through the Developmental Services System in York Region.  Keren joined P4P in May 2016 and is thrilled to be a part of this demonstration project and organization.  She looks forward to continuing to assist individuals with a developmental delay to achieve their goals and dreams through connection and inclusion, ultimately leading towards a meaningful life.


Ellen Lindau, Independent Facilitator

Ellen has worked with children and adults with a variety of disabilities for over 20 years in Toronto, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Estonia. She has a Bachelor of Music Therapy degree from the University of Windsor and is a Registered Psychotherapist. Working in different countries over the years has confirmed her belief that, as human beings, we all aspire to a life that encourages us to grow and achieve our highest potential. Ellen is committed to inclusion and building a community where people support and learn from one another.