Partners for Planning empowers peoples with disabilities and their families with free resources to create meaningful lives and secure futures, firmly rooted in community.



Partners for Planning envisions a future in which a person with a disability:

  • Enjoys a meaningful and financially secure life
  • Lives in a place of warmth and safety—a true home
  • Actively participates in a caring and inclusive community
  • Knows the loving support of family and friends
  • Is respected and empowered to make choices
  • Is protected from abuse and exploitation
  • Contributes his or her gifts to their community
  • Has a well-planned future enabling their family to have peace of mind



Caring Relationships
Building relationships is at the heart of everything we do. 

Community = Citizenship
All persons, including those with disabilities, have important contributions to make to our communities.

Self-sufficiency Makes Us More Effective
Our commitment to remain independent from government funding enables us to work with and for individuals and families without compromise.

Family Driven
Ensuring our board is comprised of families caring for a relative with a disability ensures we will be accountable to and driven by families.