Independent Facilitation is an ongoing process of supporting a person with a disability to take up their full citizenship and participate in their community.

An independent facilitator helps an individual create a vision for their future. It's a process rooted in relationship and can facilitate many objectives: exploring passions and interests, finding paid or volunteer work, developing new roles in community, nurturing new friendships and exploring options for home are just some of the aims that an individual may focus on through Independent Facilitation.

The key to Independent Facilitation is that it involves not only creating a plan, but taking specific actions to implement the plan. An Independent Facilitator walks with the individual and their family, friends and supporters as they move towards realizing goals and building new connections.

While an Independent Facilitator mainly develops a supportive one-on-one relationship with the person at the centre of the facilitation process, at times a facilitator may also 'support the supporters'. Connecting with personal support workers, and other friends or people involved in supporting a person living with a disability helps to ensure that everyone is focused on the same objectives, and is beneficial to all involved.