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RDSP Calculators

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a long-term savings tool designed for people living with a disability. The financial benefits of an RDSP are based on net income, personal contributions, investment growth and the amount of time the RDSP has been opened.

To learn how the RDSP may apply to your specific situation, try out one of these RDSP calculators to see how you may benefit from the plan.

We have three separate calculators available here each providing varying levels of detail in the information the generate.
Government of Canada Calculator
This is the simplest of the three calculators and can provide a quick over the RDSP benefits.

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The Calculator was developed by the PLAN Institute and Prosper Canada. This calendar provides a breakdown of contributions and withdrawals over a persons lifespan. Visit to learn more about the RDSP and resources available from the PLAN Institute including information on their toll-free RDSP Support Line.

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Reegan Financial Calculator
Reegan Financial has developed a very sophisticated calculator that not only provides a yearly breakdown of contributions and withdrawals but will allow you to customize yearly inputs and will even calculate clawback penalties if you wish to access RDSP funds early. When first accessing the calculator you can submit an email address so the site will save your calculator inputs so you can login and update your details as necessary. No private or identifying information is saved.

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